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What is the best way to store your wine?

Wine is a beverage which is quickly consumed. The best way to store wine would be to use an authentic wine cellar. If you don’t have one, there are different good ways to store wine.


True wine connoisseurs know that wine must have good balance before it can be drunk. During transportation the wine may be shaken up, thereby losing its balance. The taste is affected by this. Do not open the wine immediately but leave the bottle to rest. It takes quite some time before the balance is fully recovered. 

Do not store for too long

When a bottle of wine is opened, a process known as oxidation takes place. This is when oxygen comes into contact with the wine, which alters the taste significantly. Wine should not be kept in an open bottle for too long, preferably not longer than three days. This is particularly more applicable to white wine than it is to red. It is not good to allow white wine to mature this way. Rose wine also should not be kept for too long in an unopened bottle and shouldn’t be stored for longer than a year.

Wine cellars

Wine cellars from history were ideal: they were dark, there was no vibrations and the isolation was good. These conditions can be recreated with special climatic wine cases which mimic the wine cellars perfectly. Even without these cases, you need to remember that wine needs a temperature of around 12 degrees Celsius. 

Temperature fluctuations are not good for the wine as its quality diminishes under such conditions. Also observe that the wine cellar shouldn’t be too humid and should have a humidity level of between 60% and 70%, as more or less humidity will have a negative effect on the wine. Also ensure that the wine cellar is dark, as the colour and taste will be affected by too much light. Light affects the chemical composition of the wine. Also, pay attention to vibration as this is not good for wine. Therefore, avoid placing any wine racks under the cellar stairs.

If you want to enjoy pure wine then it starts with the way in which you store it.