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Buying Online Wine? Read our tips!

You can buy just about every product online today. Also wine. Are you looking for a unique, exclusive wine? Then Vinum S is your place to be. In this blog, we give you some tips to find a wine to your liking.

It's easy in a supermarket: you step inside, grab a bottle of wine and go to the register. However, when you’re looking for a wine that offers added value, you better go to a specialized webshop. Below we give you the necessary knowledge to help you in your search for the perfect wine.

Remember: the size of the wine bottle really matters

Our wine bottles vary in size, ranging from 37,5 to 600 centiliter. And yes, the size of the bottle affects the taste of the wine. For example, wine in a larger bottle ages slower than wine in a smaller one.

How is this? In large bottles - for example, the magnum size - less wine in relation to the total volume is exposed to oxygen. As a result, the wine stays fresh and tasteful.

Understand the RP code

In the description of all our wines you’ll see an RP code, which indicates the quality of the wine. The code is named after the American wine critic Robert Parker and has a scale from 50 to 100. The wine connoisseur begins with giving 50 points to each wine. Then he works like this:

  • The color: maximum score of 5 points
  • The scent: maximum score of 15 points
  • The taste: maximum score of 20 points
  • The overall impression: maximum score of 10 points


We already mentioned that the score gives an indication of the quality of the wine. The wine specialist is only a human being after all. And opinions may vary.

The price doesn’t say it all

You can arrange all our wines by price. In that way, you can see which wines are within your budget. But the price isn’t a good indication of the quality of the wine. It rather tells you something about the exclusivity.

Your personal taste should determine your choice. Thus, a cheaper wine may well be more tasteful than a more expensive one. Or vice versa.

Choose a country of origin

Our wines are exclusively from Italy or France. And it’s impossible to choose between those two. Both countries have a rich wine history.

For example, the Romans were the ones who spread the knowledge of wine-growing through the rest of Europe. Wine became more and more popular during the glory days of the Roman empire. But the French perfected the art during the Middle Ages.

But let's look at the statistics. In his top 300 of the best wines in the world, wine critic Robert Parker has included as many as 204 French wines. Also in the top 50 of the most expensive wines in the world, 38 come from France.

Of course, you also have wines of lesser quality in both countries. So it's hard to generalize Italian or French wine. Everything depends on the region and the year. Each bottle is different.

Pay attention to the region and the fruit

When you enjoy a nice bottle of wine at a restaurant or wine bar, make sure you check the label. That way you can find out the region. And from which grape variety the wine was made. You will notice that you may like other wines of a similar origin.

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