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Want to sell old wines?

Would you like to sell old wines that you keep at home? Then you’re at the right place. Vinum S offers a fair price for your bottle. In this blog you will read which factors affect the value of your wine.

Origin and reputable value

The region and the vineyard of your bottle of wine are the decisive factor for the price. Or in short: the name. With the taxation of wine, we take the history of the vineyard into account. And the reputation that the wine enjoys in the circle of critics.

Some examples of regions with a strong reputation in Italy are Langhe in Piemonte with the wine Barolo. Or the vineyards of Tuscany with the Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino or Valpolicella. The wine regions of Burgundy or Bordeaux in France are also well-established.

These wine regions guarantee quality. To safeguard the authenticity and quality of their wines, these regions are bound by production guidelines. And of course, that means a higher cost.


How many bottles of your wine have been produced? The answer to that question says something about the exclusivity of the wine. That’s how we know if your bottle is unique or not.

It also tells us more about the production costs of your wine at the time. The fewer copies produced, the more these costs reflected on the price of a single bottle.

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The package

The bottle, cork and label are an indication of the value of your wine. Producers who want to give their customers a unique experience pay more attention to the packaging.

For example, the label may be designed by a professional marketing team. The print and the paper are also finer. Furthermore, the glass of the bottle is thicker and therefore heavier. And most important: the cork is of a better quality.


It is important that the wine is tasteful. If the cork is not completely airtight, the wine may have changed into vinegar. Also heat and sunlight affect the taste. Keep the wine in perfect storage conditions, otherwise the value will decrease drastically.

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