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Selling wine

Selling old wines?

Would you like to sell old wines or free up more space in your wine cellar?
Then Vinum S is the right place for you: we offer a fair price for your wine bottles.

What factors influence the value of your bottle of wine?

Origin and reputation value

The region and the vineyard of your bottle of wine are the deciding factors for the price. In short: the name.
We value wine with the history of the vineyard in mind and, of course, the reputation it enjoys with critics.


How many copies of your wine have been produced? The answer to that question says something about the exclusivity of the wine.
It also tells us a bit more about the production costs associated with your wine at the time. The fewer units produced, the more these costs weigh on the price of a single bottle.


The bottle, the cork and the label are an important indication of the value of the bottle of wine.
Producers who want to give their customers a unique experience pay more attention to this.


Also not unimportant is of course the taste of the wine. For example, if the cork is not completely airtight, the wine can turn into vinegar. Heat and sunlight also affect the taste. So store the wine correctly, otherwise the value will drop drastically.

Would you like to request a price for your old bottle of wine?

Using the form below, you can provide us with the necessary information so that we can propose you a favorable and no-obligation price proposal to take over your old bottles of wine.

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